She does tri camp: post number one

I will probably write several posts about camp. There is a lot to talk about and I am still thinking about the experience. It was a fantastic weekend.

It’s all about the journey, not the outcome.

Carl Lewis, Olympic Track & Field Gold Medalist

Krista began with this quote. So true! The journey to reach this weekend has been phenomenal. I’m not done by any stretch of the imagination, however.

It seems like a long time ago that I sent Krista this note:
I just wanted to tell you how excited I was to find the She does tri website last night. I am hoping to come to one of the camps in April. I just started running and swimming again over the summer and am planning on buying a bike again soon. I feel a bit crazy to think about planning to do a triathlon next summer or fall since I have not started biking again. (I live in the South so winter won’t stop me from biking.) I have a really great trainer who has inspired me a lot but the idea of an all women’s weekend is great.

Anyway, your site is great. Glad I found it.


and about an hour later, she replied:


We are so happy you found our web site and look forward to meeting you. You will be happy to find many women just like yourself at our camp. She Does Tri is a perfect environment to learn, share and find friends and training partners who will support you in your journey through triathlon.

Welcome to the family! Please let me know if you have any questions.

Founder of She Does Tri

I paid my deposit for camp a few days later and began a new part of my journey. In the ensuing months, David and Krista have been part of my support, have encouraged me, cheered me on, and are becoming friends. Camp is now over but I know there is lots more to come.

Meeting Vickie
Vickie Singer inspires me. She is a survivor, but so much more. We were in contact before camp and could not wait to meet one another. It was very cool that Vickie was the first person I met before I even arrived at Falls Road Running Store. I was a bit lost and stopped at Princeton Sports. Vickie was in there buying a tube for her bike tires. We spotted one another and immediately started talking. She is truly amazing!

Vickie and Millie

More tomorrow
There is much, much more but I need sleep so I can get up to swim. Stayed tuned for thoughts about pilates, yoga, dream bikes, swimming, and much more.

About millie jackson

I am a librarian, a yoga teacher, a storyteller, an athlete.
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One Response to She does tri camp: post number one

  1. Dana says:

    I found your blog doing a search for Frank Maples. I see you’re doing the race this weekend… This will be my first tri and I’m nervous so I’m doing what I usually do–trying to read every scrap of information I can, and also writing about it!! It’s supposed to be a small event, so I’ll look for you there. Good luck to you! 😀

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