I can Tri: Preparing for my first triathlon

I am about three weeks away from my first sprint triathlon. It is a few months earlier than I had planned on competing, but that seems to be my pattern right now. This one has a pool swim, which I really wanted to start with instead of the intimidating open water swim. I have a whole season laid out. This is what I have planned:

Rebel Man Sprint Triathlon, March 27, Ole Miss 440 pool swim, 21 k bike, 5k run
She Does Tri Camp, April 8-10, Baltimore, with Krista Schultz and David Glover
Callaway Gardens Sprint Tri, June 19. Callaway Gardens, GA, 400 lake swim,10 mile bike, 2 mile run
Luray Sprint Triathlon, Aug. 14, Luray, VA. 750 lake swim, 17 mile bike, 5k run
And maybe this one Beach Blast, Sept. 10, Port St. Joe, FL

How did I get here?
I think I may have written about this already. It just sort of evolved. I didn’t really plan on working up to a triathlon. In August I started “running” (in quotes because it was so pitiful but I was moving and on a mission). I completed my first 5K in October and have not stopped since. I know I already wrote about starting to swim with Sam. Then I bought a bike again in October. So, I had the three pieces – swim, bike, run. I had been thinking about a triathlon for a while but I had not said anything to anyone. I finally told Sam I was hoping to do a triathlon…in maybe 4-5 years. He said it wouldn’t be that long. (Did you think it would be this fast though?)

So the training began…

Finding triathlon camp
Once I decide to do something I generally do some research and reading. I started looking for information about women and triathlons. I found quite a few books and have read a few already:

Reading material

I also did some searching on the internet. I found She Does Tri Camp and thought it looked interesting. I e-mailed Krista Schultz and she responded almost immediately, and enthusiastically. We started e-mailing – I asked questions and she answered them – and I decided I would register for the camp in April It seemed a long ways off in October. Krista and I continued to e-mail and she asked me to do an interview with her about why I decided to attend the triathlon camp. This interview provides further background about how I started this journey. Re-reading the interview makes me realize how far I have come since October.

I also started e-mailing with David Glover and I have attended a number of really valuable webinars that David puts on. One of David’s sessions helped me think about planning my triathlon season. His book, Training the Competitor Within: Mental Exercises for Endurance Athletes, has also been really helpful for thinking about goals and some of the mental hurdles that athletes face.

In December Sam and I did a practice triathlon. I made it through the whole thing so I realized that I could do this. I have recently uttered the words, “when I do an Ironman…” to Sam when we were talking about his training and my training. That will take longer to achieve. I think he called Jason over to document my statement just so there was a witness. 🙂

My goal is still to have fun doing all of this. I want to challenge myself and do well in the races, but having fun is most important. In the coming weeks I need to practice transitions and make sure I am ready for the first tri. Of course I will write about how the first triathlon goes.

About millie jackson

I am a librarian, a yoga teacher, a storyteller, an athlete.
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