Hustling through the Holiday Hustle

There was a 100 per cent chance of rain predicted for today. I have run in the rain, and would have if it had just been rain and not storms. The rain held off though and it was just windy and cloudy during the race.

I am quite happy with the results. I had two goals – to break 40 minutes and to run the entire race. I broke 40 minutes with a finish time of 38:55. This is two minutes faster than my best 5k to dsote. I did not manage to run the whole race but I ran over 2 miles before walking. Um, when did that hill appear on University Ave? Really, in four years I have never noticed the hill near Newks and the Student Health Center. I have also never run that route before today. It is not a big hill, but big enough that I walked it. I did run a good bit of mile 3 though and had a sprint (for me) on the final .1 to the finish. I was pretty happy with the pace of the first two miles -11:45, 11:44. I am generally happy when I can keep a consistent pace.

I made a new running friend too. Suzanne and I ran the race together. She has also recently started running. Hopefully we will be able to get together to run and support each other’s efforts.

I had hoped to do a short swim but the swim lessons were still going on when I went into the Rec Center.

About millie jackson

I am a librarian, a yoga teacher, a storyteller, an athlete.
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