It’s the little things

Some of these things may not really be so little, but they are the things that have marked progress and that make a difference in my day to day life.

This morning I ran more of roughly 2 miles than I walked. It was slow – very slow because I pulled or strained something on Wednesday- but I ran. I didn’t really count laps after a while because the point of this morning’s workout was to see if I could just keep running for an hour. I made 50 minutes before I had to leave and go get ready for work. I began running again in August and I could only “run” the end of the track in the Rec Center. I was happy with that at the time. Last week I was able to do sprints and now I can run for longer periods of time before I have to walk some. A year ago I was getting ready for surgery on both legs. Maybe this one isn’t so little after all.

I remember texting Sam in mid -October when I was on my way to a conference because I was so excited that not only did the seat belt fit on a regional jet, but I could also put the tray table down and work. It had been a long time since I could do that. It may not sound like a big deal if you haven’t experienced *not* being able to do this. It is a big deal though and makes travel so much better. I dreaded flying and I have to do it a fair amount. It was always uncomfortable and sometimes awkward and embarrassing, depending on the airline and the flight attendant who I had to talk to about the seat belt. Most are nice about it but I have run into some very unkind people.

Today I also went shopping for another smaller size. (Don’t hate me.) I am sort of in between sizes but I finally found a couple of items that will fit for the next few weeks. I do not remember the last time I wore my current size but it has been a number of years. I have finally moved from the departments named things like “Today’s Woman” to the regular departments. I almost felt in shock when I realized that this afternoon. For a few months I have been able to reject clothes for the first time in years and I have not had to resort to online only shopping. (Though I do still like online shopping.) I don’t have to buy the ugly clothes because those are the only things that fit. Who, I ask, came up with bows on the back of dresses for overweight women? What are they thinking? I will be happy to never have to own a top or a dress with a bow in the back.

There are countless little things in my life that are better. I’m close to having lost 120 lbs now. In other words, a person. I have made a number of adjustments in my life, my habits, and my thinking. I know there will be more that I will need to make as I continue to lose weight. This is a long journey of small steps and the little things are some of the rewards that make it all worthwhile.

About millie jackson

I am a librarian, a yoga teacher, a storyteller, an athlete.
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2 Responses to It’s the little things

  1. Lori Moss says:

    Millie…you are such an inspiration to me. The weekends are usually hard for me. Not that I binge eat, but I don’t pay close attention to my eating like I do during the week. Just hearing about your running, makes me believe that one day I’ll be able to do the same. This morning I got up and had a healthy breakfast and feel good about that. Today Bridgette, (my 8 mo. pregnant daughter) and I are heading to Bay City for a Bridal shower. I am going to eat well there and make as healthy choices as I possibly can (have no idea what the menu is). So thank you and keep up the great work…I love reading your blog!!! Love Ya

    • Millie says:

      Lori, Thanks for your comments. Your breakfast sounded wonderful. You are doing a great job with all your exercise. Keep going and have fun today!

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