A good morning swim

I thought I would take a few minutes out of my lunch hour to blog about this morning’s swim. I swam a 200 warm-up, 10 x 50’s free and back, and a 250 cool down. Recently we have been concentrating on correct body position and on stroke technique. As I have lost weight the way my body is positioned in the water has changed. Some of it is subtle but much of it is not. It is simply a whole lot easy to tweak my stroke and position now than it was a few months ago.

The first few laps were a little slow this morning but then it picked up and felt better. Warm-ups and cool-downs are generally left up to me. I swam 200 free and back and mixed it up by using the snorkel on a couple of laps. I then headed into the main part of my workout – 10 x 50’s of free and back concentrating on stroke and body position. I also used the snorkel on part of the 10 x 50’s. I ended with 250 cool down. I was going to do 200 but on the last 50 I felt like I wanted one more strong 50 of freestyle.

Two things went through my mind as I swam this morning. One is that there is a lot of mental work in swimming. Part of the reason that I was switching to the snorkel for some laps was because it gave me one less thing to think about. I could concentrate on rotating my body, where my hips were in the water, and elongating my stroke. I didn’t have to think about breathing. Concentrating on all of those things is beginning to translate to my laps without the snorkel when I have to think more about breathing too. The other thing that came to mind was muscle memory. When I danced that was frequently a topic of discussion but it hasn’t come up in my discussions with Sam about swimming. I think there are some similar issues though. My muscles are learning to complete the stroke correctly – I’m working on that memory so the next time it will feel more natural.

I’ll end this with a couple of things that happened yesterday. I went to see my sleep doctor, Dr. Snow, to have my CPAP turned down a notch. I’m inching to 0. He said he had been reading my posts and that it looked like I was having fun. He also told me about a triathlon at the end of March that I am going to enter. The other thing was a discussion with Sam about the changes since I started this journey. One of things we pinpointed that has made a big difference is when I began swimming. I’m very happy that the pool has become part of my regular workout. And I am having a lot of fun.

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I am a librarian, a yoga teacher, a storyteller, an athlete.
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One Response to A good morning swim

  1. Margaret Meyers says:

    Thank you for the explanation of the use of a snorkel. It makes so much sense. And muscle memory does, too. I love to hear your happy workouts. You “wanted” to do an extra 50! It must feel so good.

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