Stairs were my nemesis

I avoided stairs for a long time. My knees hurt and going up and down stairs just made them hurt more. In November 2009 I slipped and fell down 2 steps and injured my left leg. Yes, 2 steps. My cousin and I were leaving a hotel to go get on a week long cruise. When the paramedics came they told us that they were there at least once a week due to someone falling on those steps. Frankly, that made me feel a little better since I can be a bit of a klutz. None-the-less, the fall put a damper on my vacation. It also lead to a few months of going back and forth to the doctor’s before they figured out what was wrong. I had surgery on both of my legs in March 2010 to correct the problem. From December through the late spring I avoided steps altogether. My previous trainer let me take the elevator when we went upstairs to the track. (Current trainer – not a chance!)

I think it was sometime during the summer when Sam lead me to two flights of stairs in the Rec Center. I really was not sure how I would go up and down even two flights several times. But I did – I think with several pauses and a lot of encouragement. From that point on stairs became part of my workouts. We would go back to those stairs from time to time and I would also do them on my own. In the fall we went to the outside flight of stairs. It’s long and the stairs are steeper. We only did those a few times before it was too dark when I trained. I’m sure we will be out there again when it begins getting light later.

As my weight has dropped and as I have worked out more, stairs have become easier. In November 2010 I went on a 10 day trip to Israel. It seemed like everywhere we went there were stairs. At Masada there were 300 stairs. At other sites there were stairs and inclines. It was not as difficult to climb them though. Around that time those stairs Sam had started me on over the summer became easier to navigate. I had started taking the stairs to my office instead of the elevator. When I had to go to other floors in the building, I took the stairs.

100 stairs up and 100 stairs down

This is a little blurry since I took it with my phone.

At the beginning of January I went to San Diego for a conference for work. In the middle of the San Diego Convention Center there is a set of 100 stairs. I noticed people running up and down them the first day I was there and found out that its a popular place for runners to work out. I took a picture and sent Sam, promising that I would do those stairs as part of my workouts while I was away. It turned out that I only had time to do 2 sets of the stairs, so 400 steps total. But I did them.

Stairs were my nemesis…but no more.

About millie jackson

I am a librarian, a yoga teacher, a storyteller, an athlete.
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