2018: A new year of CATtitude

“Don’t let what you cannot do interfere with what you can do.”  John Wooden

It’s a new year and I have renewed my commitment to the CATtitude.  As a reminder, that is consistency, attitude, and tenacity. The quote from John Wooden was in my calendar today and was a perfect reminder for me.  There is a lot I can’t do but there are many things that I can do.

This morning was a good example.  The resolution workout included clean and jerks.  I’m not great at clean and jerks but I kept pushing away and got through 2/3’s of the workout.  It was a long one.  I’m adding them to my list of things to work on this year.  I could have looked at the workout and stayed in bed but I didn’t.   So I consider anything I did a win.

I added BarreCode to my workouts in December.  I am starting to get it but most days I still feel confused.  I’m told that is normal though and overall I really love the workouts because they are a new challenge.

I am noticing a difference already by combining IronTribe and BarreCode.  It may not be noticeable to anyone else, but I can feel it. My commitment for January is 4 x a week at IronTribe and 3 at BarreCode starting the week of January 8.  This week my schedule won’t let me do that so I will have to substitute some other workouts for a few days.

I miss swimming and need to figure out how to get back to the pool.  (The 25 yard pool has been closed since October and the schedule has not been great to make it to the other pool.)

I am also committing to continuing to cook and prep food each week.  This has been so beneficial to me.  I have food on hand and can put together meals pretty quickly most days.

One thing I have been trying to focus on more is what I can do and how I can improve.  Yesterday I was looking back at the beginning of this blog and realizing the journey I have been on for the past seven and a half years.  I’ve had a lot of ups and downs but I really am better off than I was in 2010 and certainly much better off than if I had never started. I don’t need to compete with anyone else. I am committed to continuing to improve myself this year.


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2017: The year of travel

When I posted my most recent traveling yoga mat photo I said I would review my travels for the year.   I knew I had been traveling quite a bit but I don’t think I realized how much I traveled in the past year.  I have had at least 18 trips.  I think I have missed a few in my list though.  I bought my traveling yoga mat in January and have documented my travel through the yoga mat on Instagram.  The photos are not exciting, but it has been a fun project.

Where have I been:

January – I began the year in Stoneville, NC at a retreat, walking the labyrinth and soaking in the beautiful surroundings and community.   I also went to San Francisco and Guerneville.

February –  I spent time with my cousin in Keene, NH.  A snow storm gifted me two additional days with her and her family.  At the end of the month I traveled to Phoenix for a conference.

March – Detroit, sadly for my cousin’s funeral.  I miss her quite a bit.  I ended the month in Baltimore for ACRL.

April – Seattle with my sister.  I stayed at a lovely Airbnb at Three Tree Point. 

May – Omega for a week long meditation retreat with Jon Kabat Zinn and Will Kabat Zinn.

Charleston, SC for ASERL

June – Nashville to go to Ryman Auditorium for the Four Voices Tour and Chicago for ALA.

July – Back to San Francisco and Sonoma County

September –  Designing Libraries in Raleigh, NC.

October – Breath, Body and Sound Retreat at Dahlonega, GA and the Ebsco Users Conference in Salt Lake City, UT.

November – Quick trip to Chicago for HathiTrust and back to San Francisco and Sonoma County for the Women’s Dream Quest and Thanksgiving. 

December – Seattle for Christmas with my sister.

I was scheduled to go to North Carolina  to round out the year with a New Year’s Retreat but I decided it was time to stay home for a few days.  I planned to unpack the rest of my boxes from my move.  They may or may get unpacked. I still have a few days of vacation left.

There is definitely a theme in my travel with 35 days on the West Coast in 2017.  I already have a 10 day trip to San Francisco and Sonoma County booked for 2018.  My trips have allowed me to spend time with friends and family, to explore new places, and to have time to write and reflect.  I have met with fellow Tracking Wonder members on two trips. I’ve made new friends over the past year who I look forward to seeing again.

There were definitely highlights from this year’s travel.  One of the best finds of the past year was Still Soul Studio in Charleston, SC.  It is really a meditation studio rather than a yoga studio.  It was a lovely respite in the midst of a busy city and conference. During my July trip to Northern California I finally visited wineries and vineyards. Cindy Cosco of Passagio Wines became a new friend who I have kept up with on Facebook and have visited again.  I had the pleasure of going on a yoga retreat with Tessa Manning in July and have also taken several classes from her over the past year when I have visited. I also enjoyed a farm to table lunch at BVR Farm in July. We had a delightful tour of the farm before Matt’s amazing lunch on their deck.  In November I visited University of San Francisco to see the seed library.  David Silver, a faculty member at USF, spoke at Designing Libraries and was my host along with several librarians from USF. I spent the weekend of that trip at Grace Cathedral for the Women’s Dream Quest and with my friend Lani before I headed north again.

Every trip has a special memory.  Time with family and friends, visits to new and old places, exploring cities, and absorbing new ideas.  There are many people who I have failed to mention in this post but who are dear friends.  I hope to see many of you in the new year.



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#perfectinthismoment : just as i am right now

This week (Dec. 4-8)  Melissa Scott, one of my fabulous yoga teachers, and Gather Yoga Collective have teamed up to sponsor #perfectinthismoment.  The idea behind the challenge is to encourage us to remember that we really are perfect in this very moment, just as we are.  Our world is full of “perfect” images that we are supposed to emulate.  Look deeper and you find that many of the images are photoshopped or not so “perfect” by media standards after all.  The challenge supports body acceptance right where you are, right now.

I have certainly struggled with body acceptance throughout my life.  I have all the stories about being teased, taunted, belittled about my body and appearance.  I have fought a lot to overcome the stories that others want to make me believe and that I often think are true.  I know that being thin isn’t the cure all answer though.  That doesn’t mean that I don’t want to be thinner but I am not as obsessed with it as I have been at times throughout my life.  I strive for health and to be strong more than anything else these days. As a health educator I understand the risks of not caring for myself and I am doing everything I can to improve my health.  There are many components to this equation, however.  I have a lot to say about these components but won’t write about all of them in this post.

Over the past several weeks I have noticed a shift in my thinking.  I’m concentrating more on what I am doing rather than worrying about how I compare to what everyone else is doing.  I am often in the gym or studio with men and women who are much younger than I am, though the 6:15 am crowd at IronTribe usually has a number of athletes in my age range as well.

I recently joined Barre Code, a new challenge that totally terrified me.  I had wanted to try it for a while but I really didn’t think I could do the workout.  I contacted Cat Noble, the owner, and she was incredibly supportive and encouraging.  I’m not great at it because as anyone who knows me well knows I am just kind of an uncoordinated klutz at times.  It will take me a while to get the hang of the workouts but I will.  I have been the oldest person in the room at every class I have been to so far.  But I am ok with that and with wondering what I am supposed to be doing at the moment. I am surrounded by strong young women who are taking care of themselves. That fact makes me happy.

For now my goal is consistency and being a little better than I was yesterday. I only have to keep up with myself.  I don’t have to worry about what anyone else is doing.  For now I am #perfectinthismoment

Look for the hash tag on Instagram and Facebook and join the challenge.  You don’t have to be a yoga teacher to join.

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One day at a time: daily choices

It’s been a while since I posted anything.  I’ve been traveling quite a bit and have been off track a bit.  Traveling makes it difficult, though not impossible, for me to remain on track.

Every day is a choice, a chance to make choices that will be healthy for me or not.  Sometimes I choose not to be healthy.  I am aware of that and know when I do it.  Right now I am trying to get back on a consistent track to make healthy choices.  It is a difficult time of year because of the holidays – and more travel – but it isn’t impossible.

Over the weekend I did some cooking and prep for the week.  If you have read my posts, you know that is one of the main things that helps me be successful.  I had this great salad for lunch today.

I have food prepped for a few days and have some vegetables from my CSA boxes over the past few weeks that I will be preparing for this week and for the freezer.

The other thing I am concentrating on is getting back to IronTribe at least four times a week.  Over the past seven years one of my huge transformations and lessons has been that my day improves if I work out early in the morning.  I know this is true so I need to get up and do it.  This is my goal between now and the end of the year – get up and go.

I will keep making my choices one day at a time.  I have found that is really my best strategy.



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Week 8: Not over by any means

It’s been 8 weeks since Sam challenged me with a new CATtitude.    I’ve been to IronTribe 22 times in that period, even with a 5 day trip and a week plus of illness.  I started the Transformation Challenge that overlapped this challenge.  I began riding my bike again and went back to the pool.   I have also cooked more at home.   More importantly,  I’ve remained in the game mentally.

All of that is great but I still haven’t been perfect.  I’ve had some bumps along the way.  The biggest one was getting sick due to allergies that lasted about 2 weeks.  I also had some events to attend.   Overall, I did fine with those though.  One thing I have learned on this journey is that most people don’t care at all about what you are eating.  They are more concerned with what they are eating.

Something I have been learning is not to be so hard on myself when I do have a bad day or miss a workout.  I can start again…and again.  Also, while I am trying to lose weight that I have re-gained,  I am not obsessing as much about weight loss.  It will come off if I remain consistent in my healthy choices.

I just finished cooking for the week.  This is one of my key factors for success.  I have to be prepared.   I also need to schedule my workouts because there is a far better chance that I will show up if they are on my calendar.

It’s all a process and a journey though.   Each day is a chance to prove that I can keep going and make a small change that will lead to larger change.  Consistency  – Accountability – Tenacity.

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Week 6-7 : The good, the bad, the ugly

I missed posting last week because I was out of town.  It’ s been a bit of a rough time for the past two weeks.  I woke up Sunday,  Sept. 10 without a voice and feeling awful.  I have finally learned to take it easy when I feel sick so I spent the day between bed and the couch.  I still didn’t shake whatever it was though. On Friday I finally hit on the right kind of allergy medicine but the cough is still lingering.  Needless to say,  I haven’t worked out much the past two weeks.

I also went out of town for five days to a conference.  It was a great conference and I did fairly well with eating.  There were good choices and they provided vegan/vegetarian/GF options for every meal offered at the conference.  Downtown Raleigh has a lot of great options for meals that I didn’t get during the conference.  I had a great kale salad the first night I was there.

During week 6 I did manage to work out a few times and I did the check in for the transformation challenge.  I also taught three yoga classes.

Of course, my yoga mat went with me on my travels.

It wasn’t the best two weeks but it wasn’t the worst.  I’m back home and on track to finish strong this week.

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Week 5 – When in doubt

It was Friday and I was tired.  I was debating what to do.  It was a beautiful 79 degrees outside and I had my bike with me.  I should ride.  But I really didn’t want to for some reason.  Really, I wanted to swim.  It was the first home game weekend so surely the pool would not be crowded.  I debated back and forth with myself for a while but I knew that phrase – when in doubt, swim.  I had not been in the pool for almost two weeks due to my schedule and the weather.  It was time.  I’m glad I chose the pool last Friday afternoon.  I had one of the best swims I have had in a long time.  There were quite a few people in the pool but it really didn’t matter.  Everyone there was sharing lanes. It was a good way to end the week.  

It was kind of a crazy week.  I made it to IronTribe twice.  I also taught yoga twice, which reminds of what I am passionate about all over again.

This week begins the Transformation Challenge at IronTribe.  My 8 weeks overlaps with this challenge, as I have mentioned.  I’m looking forward to the challenge and seeing how much progress I can make this time.


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