Week 2 – Another week in the books

The second week is always more difficult than the first week when I recommit.  This week was no exception.  It’s been hard for many reasons and I have been exhausted.  I fought through though and am ready to keep going. 

For the record, I logged:

4 workouts at IronTribe

2 swims

2 bike rides, more or less.

It is more difficult than I expected to get back on the bike.  I went out on a Friday ride last week and did ok.  Sunday was a different story.  It was really hot and I am just not acclimated.  I was also having trouble shifting and getting in the right ring.  Part of that was because I needed a new chain and some adjustments which I took care of this week.  I tried again on Friday but I was exhausted.  I knew it wasn’t a day to ride and I turned out to be right.   I dropped off and spent some time riding around the block getting used to shifting my new chain and then came home.  I’ll try again tomorrow.

I took a different approach to cooking this week and it worked pretty well.  Instead of making X number of recipes and eating the same thing all week,  I prepped vegetables and put them in bags and bowls.  Then I just had to grab ingredients and put together meals.  I mixed things up and didn’t eat the same thing every day.  I had a few work related meetings with lunch that made my eating less than perfect but not awful.  It’s all a process and part of life.

I have been challenging myself in the gym.  I’ve done things that I had not previously, like carrying a weight over my head for 100 yards.  I’m enjoying swimming again more than ever.  The best thing is that I am not pressuring myself with a race.  I can just go swim.  I love racing and may do more but for now, I am just enjoying the process.


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Week 1 – Checking in

Last week I wrote about my meeting with Sam and developing a CATtitude.   What I didn’t mention is that he challenged me to stick with this for 8 weeks.  Here is my week one check-in.


I am a creature of habit.  I like routine.  I have people who give me a really hard time about this but it is true and things work better for me when I have a schedule and when I am prepared.  Last weekend I cooked for the week and I am planning on doing the same thing tonight.  Preparation is a key for me.   If I can just grab containers that are ready to go then I have a far better chance of eating well than if I am trying to figure out what I am going to eat or if I am grabbing something on the go.  This week was pretty successful because I was prepared.  It wasn’t perfect, but it was close.   I strive to eat plant based but I am not always 100% on target with that either.  I have made this choice because I feel better when I eat plant based most of the time and because of all the research I have read about the benefits of a plant based diet (see Forks over Knives or Engine 2 for more information on whole food plant based eating).  The photo shows examples of what I was eating over the past week.

This year I signed up for Snows Bend’s CSA so I receive a box of vegetables every week.  I never know what I am going to get from week to week so it is an adventure in figuring out how to use the various ingredients and an opportunity to try new foods.   I admit I still haven’t figured out what to do with yard long beans though.

Working out

IronTribe has an app that we use to schedule classes.  In July I scheduled and cancelled too often.  This week I scheduled and went.  I admit there were a couple of mornings when the alarm went off and I was tempted to cancel and sleep another hour but I managed to get myself up and get to the gym for 6:15 class.  There were several modifications for my workouts this week but I also made some progress on a few moves.  I still have not mastered pull ups.  I tried though.   I was on the bike this week instead of running.  I may be the only person who likes the bike.

I also swam twice and managed to connect with the Tuscaloosa Cycling Club ride on Friday.  I have been trying to get back on my bike since April or May but had not made it out due to my schedule or weather.  Starting to bike again in July/August in Alabama is a challenge due to the humidity.   Last week I was rained out on the days I hoped to ride but Friday, though there were threats of rain, remained clear enough to ride 16 miles in the afternoon.  I didn’t manage to make it to connect at the start of the route because I was stuck on University Boulevard in move in traffic.   But I connected with the group on Sanders Ferry Road.  It was really good to ride with other people again after a very long time of very few rides.  I am hoping to continue riding a few times a week.

Developing calm

Of course there was also yoga.  I taught a restorative class and I am taking an online class in iRest Yoga Nidra from Dr. Lauren Tober.   This is a deeply restorative practice that I want to learn more about for my own practice and would like to teach at some point.

That’s it for this week.


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CATattitude: Keep me going

I had a check-in with Sam this week.  This is part of the routine – sit down, check in, assess, re-set.  This summer has been hectic for me.  I bought a house, moved, started a different job, and have been traveling.  I have been out of my routine.  When I have as much change as I have had the past few months, something gets sacrificed.  In July it was my morning workouts.  I just was not getting there.  I was doing some workouts – yoga, swimming, a few IronTribe classes – but not with the consistency that I had been earlier in the spring.

Sam always cuts through any excuses I have.  After seven years of working together,  he knows what to ask me and knows when to push and when to back off.  Overall, he wants to see me succeed.

There are things that have been going well, even on vacation.  I’m back to a fairly consistent whole food plant based diet, but there is room for improvement.  I need to plan and prepare on the weekends to be really successful at any eating plan.

Getting to the gym was not going so well.  I go through periods when I look at the workouts and feel defeated before I even begin.  I know that there are always modifications – but then I get discouraged that there always have to be modifications.  If I let that get to me, then I am not working out consistently.  Even with modifications,  I get a workout and I always feel better when I am done. And I have to remember the rule: don’t look at the workouts.  Just show up and do them.

So, I have a challenge to develop  CATattitude  – consistency, accountability, and tenacity.  When I make up my mind,  these three things just become part of my routine.  I’ve done this before.  I can again.   This is my plan:

Schedule workouts

Prepare food over the weekend for the week.

Track what I am doing.

Don’t give up.

I’ll be blogging more here and on my yoga site as part of accountability.  Look for updates.

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Buy the socks

A few weeks ago my friend Leslie and I went to hear Anne Lamott who was on a book tour for her new book, Hallelujah Anyway: Rediscovering Mercy. It was at least the third time I have heard Anne Lamott.  One of the gems I left with was, “buy the socks.” She asked if we would buy a girl friend cool socks?  Of course.  Then do it for yourself.  This might sound like a silly point but I do have a point for the metaphor.


For me it’s more than the physical pair of socks I might buy for myself.  Though aren’t these great socks?  One pair is from a trip to Nashville, purchased in a funky store with lots of kitschy stuff.  The striped pair is from my friend Morgan’s shop in Birmingham and they are made in Alabama.

But back to my point.  It’s more than socks.  Much more.   The socks are a metaphor for experiences that I wouldn’t trade for anything.  I would not know Leslie or Morgan if I had not taken the chance and signed up for yoga teacher training.  Now they are two of my amazing yoga friends.  I’ve thought quite a bit about many of the other things I have done over the years.  I have traveled quite a few places.  I don’t really think about it as unusual though I have had comments made to me suggesting other people think it is.  I’ve stayed in some wonderful places and made great friends along the way.  Triathlon gave me experiences and provided friendships that I could never have imagined.  Though I am not racing right now, I treasure many of the friends I have made and the places I have been to race.  I’ve learned so much about myself and what I can really do when faced with difficult challenges.  I could go on but this seems to be getting a little sappy.

So, buy the cool socks.  Have great experiences.  Take some risks.  Enjoy your life.

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Where did the fall go? Just checking in

I kept meaning to post but things kept happening.  The fall has not been quite what I imagined but that is the way things go sometimes.

What I have been doing

Finished HereNow Yoga Teacher Training

Completed Reiki Master Practitioner training

Spent 10 days in Northern California

Went to the Women’s Dream Quest at Grace Cathedral in San Francisco

Those are the highlights.  There were some low spots of endless medical tests that turned out to discover not much of anything in the end, for which I am grateful.  I will write more soon.


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Sometimes we stop

Life doesn’t always go as planned.  Sometimes we are stopped.

This was the plan:  Go to yoga teacher training on Friday night and learn modifications for sun salutations (that happened).  Go to Global Mala at the Vulcan on Saturday morning and help demo/lead modified sun salutations, hang out with all my yogi friends, take pictures, have fun.  Go to teacher training, give my presentation, practice teach and whatever else was planned.

sun-salsFriday went as planned.  It was really a great evening of learning and practicing ways to modify sun salutations.  We went through several variations/modifications on the floor, from kneeling and with a chair.  There are ways to make this work for anyone.

Saturday morning I got up early.  I was staying with a friend,  didn’t turn the light on to go downstairs, missed a step and went down about 20 stairs head first.  I landed on my face and left arm.  It was shocking and terrifying for me and for her and her husband.  So, no Global Mala for us.  Instead we headed to the emergency room.  I was very fortunate to wind up with only a sprained wrist, bruises and a gash in my lip.  There are more bruises and aches appearing but nothing broke.  It could have been so much worse and I can’t even really think about or write the possibilities.

pancakesWe made two trips to emergency to get everything addressed.  Then we had pancake therapy at IHop because pancakes can cure things.

After some debate, we did head to teacher training for the afternoon.  I wasn’t sure how it would go.  When we arrived I was immediately surrounded by loving friends. It turned out that I didn’t last long though because of the pain.   I am so fortunate in this training to have wonderful friends – and the bonus that many are nurses and PT’s.  The nurses surrounded me, propped me on a massage table and made sure I rested.  Later in the afternoon I called on another friend who is one of my other teachers to come and do a Reiki session.  It was the best thing I could have done, I think, because the Reiki pulled out much of the trauma.  Instead of continuing to visualize falling down the stairs, I had dreams about canceling journals. (Only librarians will understand that is a different kind of trauma.)   The friends  I was staying with took wonderful care of me Saturday evening. I appreciate them so very much.

wristSunday brought some new pains and bruises, as I was expecting but the morning was spent in yoga nidra, one of my favorite practices.  I experienced a deep rest.  In the afternoon I was able to give my presentation on yoga and diabetes and practice teach, which I missed doing on Saturday.  It all went well, I think.

Sometimes I analyze too much.  I’ve thought this weekend about why this happened and why now?  I have been totally exhausted for a few weeks.  I’ve had a trip to the west coast, a lot going on at work, my house sold and I have had many things going on that are associated with moving.  I’ve slept through multiple alarms – very unlike me.  I can sleep through one alarm but rarely do I recall sleeping through multiple alarms.  If a friend had not called me on Friday afternoon, I probably would not have woken up to even get to training on Friday evening.  So my body has been trying to tell me to stop but I have kept going.  Was this a way to make me stop?  I don’t know for sure.  It will though.  I will have to change my routine for a few weeks and figure out how to get moved this week.  I have to cancel a trip I had planned for next week.  I will have to rest to recover from this fall.  I think it was also a message to take better care of myself because I have neglected some basic things lately. I could go over a lot of “if only I had’s…” but that won’t change what happened or do any good  so I will listen to my body and adjust what needs to change.

I didn’t name the people who have surrounded me this weekend, both in Birmingham and from a far.  I appreciate each and every one of you.  I am not neglecting to name you on purpose but decided that I didn’t want to begin naming people and miss someone.  I love all of you for your care and compassion.  Thank you so very much.

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Wonders of social media: A yoga-versary

Yesterday I received an email reminding me that I began going to Bala Yoga two years ago.  Ah, social media and apps.  We can be reminded of everything.  I am not going to make it Bala Yoga on this trip to Seattle but it made me stop and think about how much has changed since I took the step to walk into a yoga studio again. room for trianglt

Although I had continued a practice on my own, I had not stepped into a studio in years. Michaela Martin was the first teacher I met and she could not have been kinder to someone uninitiated in heated power vinyasa – at 6:15 am.  I had my 15 year old mat with me and slid across the floor because it no longer had any stick left to it. It was quite an hour.  If I had not been treated so kindly I likely never would have returned.  But I did return several times during the next two weeks and have several times over the past two years. I met Pam Chang who became one of my teachers and who I am so grateful to know as well as other teachers.  The experience led me to a new path I never could have imagined. I am grateful.

Of course, the decision to return to the yoga studio has changed my life in so many ways.  I continued to seek out yoga studios and classes when I returned home and as I traveled.  I met my teachers Kim Drye and Melissa Scott (and later Becca Impello).   I met other strong inspiring women in studios around the country – Chrissy Carter, Jillian Pransky, Anna McLawhorn, and Liz Stewart to name a few.  People have taken a chance on me and allowed me to teach in my first year after teacher training – thank you especially to Annie Damsky, Krista Young, and Anna McLawhorn.  I have also explored many styles of yoga and have been fortunate enough to train in a number of styles in a short time.


So many opportunities have opened up since I decided to return to yoga.  I am part of a community full of wise, funny, compassionate teachers. I continue to teach restorative yoga.  I am planning new classes and workshops that will be posted this fall and in the coming year.  I can’t predict what will come but I am open and excited to see what will appear.



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