Now let yoga begin… layers of training

At the beginning of March I began another 200 hour teacher training.  Logically I shoIMG_0577uld be in a 300 hour training to get to the 500 hour level, but this training called my name for many reasons. (No, 200+200 does not necessarily equal 400 in yoga teacher training.)  One is that it is being co-led by my teacher Kim Drye.    Becca Impello, the other teacher for the training who is also a physical therapist, played a pretty big role in my selection of the training as well. Another reason is that it is alignment and therapeutic based. My first 200 hour training was wonderful and I have sweet friends who are a joy in my life.  This training, however, takes me back to where I began and what I love about yoga.  Along with my restorative training,  this is home for me.

I keep trying to write about the five day immersion but I have not been able to put the training into blog words yet.  This training is something that I am already embodying  in my practice and teaching though.  It is not easily explained at this point.  The training is deeply rooted in anatomy and philosophy so there is much to learn and absorb.

IMG_0940There are multiple layers of training and work that I am integrating and absorbing right now. The weekend before this training began I wrapped a 90 day program with Terri Heiman, I re-engaged with my Reiki practice as well as strengthened my meditation practice through my work with Terri.  I found my work with her to be an excellent bridge between my two 200 hour yoga teacher trainings.  In February I spent two days with Jillian Pransky in New York learning more about Restorative Yoga.  I took much away from the training but one thing that I am continuing to think about is the role of language in teaching yoga and working with students.

I have also been engaged with a wonderful group of creative women in a Heroine’s Journey led by Saundra Goldman.  I first met Saundra virtually through the Tracking Wonder Quest group and then met her in person when I was in Austin earlier this year. The Heroine’s Journey has been a wonderful exploration of creativity lived, lost and rediscovered.  It meshes with the other work I have been doing along the way.

During the fIMG_0955ive day immersion, I stayed with Cathy Parrill in her Airbnb room.  Like Saundra, Cathy is a fellow Quester.  I enjoyed our conversations about books, writing and our projects.   Her cats made me miss my own cat and I think partially led to adopting the two who will come to me soon.  I am looking forward to more conversations and possible collaborations in the future.

I have a lot to think about and it is already almost time for another weekend of yoga teacher training.



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Graceful movement: Yoga in the Library

Today 30 souls gathered in the library at lunchtime to practice yoga.  It was a beautiful thing to see and experience.  I was honored to lead the practice.  Those who gathered were seasoned practitioners as well as some who had never stepped on a yoga mat before.

teaching yoga Gorgas

The session was part of UA Body Appreciation Week and the WellBama program.  Being part of this kind of effort is what I hoped for when I began my MA in Health Studies in 2011.  It’s just taken a while to make it happen.  Several people commented that they would like more sessions and that they enjoyed taking time in the middle of the day for a time to breathe and move.  I’m already working on plans for more sessions, probably later this spring.  Stay tuned.

Taking time out to breathe, rest, and relax is important for our well being.  Our lives often feel like, or actually are, one long meeting.  We have commitments, projects, deadlines and we sometimes forget that it really is important and ok to take time to stop and breathe. One of my objectives when I teach is to offer ways that everyone can practice.  I have limitations that I am aware of and I know there are movements I can’t or won’t do.  Headstands are not worth the risk to me since I have had cataract surgery. (One doesn’t cause the other but I feel intense pressure in my eyes when I invert into a headstand – not worth it to me.)  I have students in my other classes who have had surgeries or are recovering from a surgery so I offer them options to move in different ways.  My goal is for people to feel comfortable enough to take care of themselves in practice.  Yoga is not meant to be a competition.  It is a practice with many parts and aspects.  I am grateful to share the practice with those who come to my classes and with those I study with as well.

Thanks to Leo Lo for the photograph from today.

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Getting through the door: Transformation Challenge

When I began IronTribe, Sam told me the goal was to get through thIMG_0739e door.  Well, the first goal is to get out of bed so I can get to the door.  There have been days when that has been difficult. I looked at the workout, and would think, “I can’t do that” or “I don’t even know what that means”  and cancel going. Sam and I  made a deal that I would not look at the workout the night before because there is a scale for every move. (I have actually gotten to the point where I can look at the workout and know that there is a scale for the things that I am not quite able to do yet.)

This post is about the Transformation Challenge, a 40 day challenge that began Jan. 4 and ended on Feb. 12.  When I joined IronTribe I decided that I was not there to compete with anyone but myself.  I joined the challenge to well, challenge myself for the 40 days.  I have learned a lot about what I am able to do with encouragement and if I push myself. It has also made me realize some things about the rest of my life, my diet in particular.

I could be discouraged about the challenge if I only focused on weight loss.  I did not lose weight during the challenge.  I actually gained a few pounds but I know why.  I was traveling part of the challenge, I fought off a cold for at least a week, and I didn’t stick to the eating plan that I know works well for me.

For the past year eating in a way that makes sense for me has been my challenge.  I know what works –  a whole food plant based diet with some eggs and fish once in a while.  I’ve been pulled in many directions on diet – to try the ways that work for other people.  I also traveled a lot last year which always makes eating right somewhat difficult.  I say somewhat because it is not impossible to continue eating fairly well when I travel.  I always make the choice.  The most difficult times are when I don’t have time to prep for the week ahead.  If I don’t get my prep done on Saturday or Sunday then I have a more difficult time during the week. That time is my priority.

So, I did not lose a ton of weight during the challenge. I want to celebrate what I did achieve over the past 40 days.

  • I gained lean muscle mass.
  • I made it to IronTribe 27 days (they are not open on the weekends so that really isn’t too shabby with travel.)
  • I increased the amount of weight I can lift and back squat.
  • I RX’d a workout for the first time.
  • I made it on the leader board for the first time – thanks to my partner, Hannah.
  • I’m attempting burpees on the floor. It’s pretty ugly.
  • I am stronger.
  • I tried pull-ups on the bar.  That is a  process.
  • I have some awesome 6:15 am friends to hang out with.
  • I never thought I would get to the bar on the right (35 pound), but that is the bar I start with now. IMG_0733

On Friday we re-tested with the same weight and movements from Jan. 4.  On the first day of the challenge I did 4 rounds +6 reps and DNF’d the second part.   On the 12th I completed 6 rounds of the first part and finished the second part.  The workout included thrusters, front rack lunges, ring rows (scale), 50 calorie row, 50 sit-ups and burpees -not in that order. In some ways it felt more difficult on the 12th because I am now working with heavier weights.  So to go back to a 15 pound bar felt like I wasn’t lifting much.  But I was able to do the movements quicker and do more.  I still cannot lunge well but that will come.  My left knee continues to give me some problems.


Encouragement is a big part of what makes IronTribe different than a lot of places I have worked out.  I would not have tried to back squat 105 pounds if I hadn’t had Carrie and Katherine telling me I could do it.  The special workouts we had on Saturday’s throughout the challenge helped me tackle some other moves that I would not have tried otherwise.

What I have discovered is that I am stronger.  The work I do in the gym improves my yoga practice.  I feel better when I begin the day working out, which I already knew from the years I have worked with Sam.  One of the issues I have struggled with is not being able to get to other activities that I enjoy like swimming and biking.  I just don’t have time right now.  I have had to finally realize that it is ok for now.  I’ll figure out when I can swim and bike again as  I make some adjustments to my schedule in the coming months.  IMG_0740

This is an ongoing process.  The journey doesn’t end with the end of the Transformation Challenge.  Tomorrow morning I will be in the gym again, seeing what I can do, how I can challenge myself.  I will encourage others as they encourage me.


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Days like this: Self care

I had a three day weekend due to MLK day.  It’s been restful and low key.  Last night I attended the Realizing the Dream concert for the first time since coming to UA.  Often I am out of town this weekend at a Midwinter Conference and have missed it.   The concert featured Jonathan Butler, South African R&B, Jazz and Gospel musician.  It was a lively and wonderful evening of music and celebration.

This morning I ventured out to IronTribe for an 8:30 class (instead of 6:15 – the alarm went off and I rescheduled).  I spent the rest of the day at home, taking time to do things that I enjoy most – restorative yoga, writing, cooking, reading and painting.  It was a lovely day and reminds me how important it is to take a break. Constant work is not healthy and it really isn’t productive.  I worked all the time for many years and paid for it with poor health and feeling like I was never getting enough done even though I was always working.  We need the space to step away from work and take time to care for ourselves.  Work will be there.  As one of my former colleagues liked to say, in our profession “there is no body on the table”  so nothing is really urgent.

I discovered a new recipe website called The Garden Grazer so I tried Black Bean Lentil Tacos.  They were quick and good.  I went back to one of my favorite sites, Cathy Fisher’s Straight Up Food.   I tried the Beefless Stew and made a Quinoa salad that I have made a few times in the past.  I also made oatmeal in the crock pot.  So I am set for the week for meals.

beefless stew tacos


This was the rest of my day:

Restorative yogarestorative


Some coloring and paintingcolor

and my continuous practice writing. day 22 All in all a very good day.

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Choosing a yoga teacher training

I’ve been thinking about writing a post about choosing yoga teacher training for a while. I’m not sure if I have any great advice but I’ll give it a shot.  I was reminded about this again today because I saw another one of those articles about churning out yoga teachers.  There are lots of programs that are graduating lots of 200 hour certified yoga teachers.  All programs are not the same and all graduates are not the same.  That can be said about many kinds of trainings and programs, however.  I think there are a few questions that I would advise anyone thinking about yoga teacher training to consider.

  1. Why are you doing this?  This is one of my coaches favorite questions for me when I talk about training, racing or many other things.  Why are you signing up for a yoga teacher training?  Do you want to teach? Do you want to improve your own practice? Do you want to learn about a different style of yoga?  I think it is important to know why you want to do a training because it really is a major commitment of time and money. It often requires several weekends over the course of a year and it is tiring.  The reason may change once you are in the training and that is perfectly fine.  In fact, expect your reasons to change.  I began with several women who said they would never teach.  I think most of them are teaching or want to do so.
  2. What kind of training are you looking for?  There are different kinds of trainings.  Trainings vary by length – intensive trainings are daily over a short time while other training programs are once a month for a weekend and may include an intensive at some point.  Also, think about the kind of yoga you want to study and teach.  There may not be a training in your area for that kind of yoga.  I completed a 200 hour training in Core Strength Vinyasa with Melissa Scott.  It was not the kind of yoga that I had practiced for years and I started out saying that I would never do it or teach it.  That changed over the course of the training but I probably should have taken some CSV classes before I began the training.
  3. Have you connected with the teacher?  I think it is important to meet the person you are going to work with for an extended period of time.  Though I did not have an opportunity to take a class from Melissa before I started training, I did go to an introductory session about the training and I traded some emails with her before I applied.  I also talked to my teacher about the training and about Melissa since they are friends.  When I met Melissa I knew I wanted to work with her.
  4. Do you have a yoga practice?  What is your practice like now? Are you ready to increase that practice and see it change, because it will.

These are just a few questions to think about.  You can find a lot of articles about how to evaluate yoga teacher training programs and what to consider if you search the web.  You will find online training, in person training, intensive training, and training that meets over a long period of time.  Trainings vary in the amount of reading and writing that is required – yes, we read a number of books and wrote papers.  Some trainings require written exams at the end.  Teaching is part of training as well. Trainings also often include observing other yoga teachers and taking classes at other studios or places you might not normally take classes.  Many training are registered through Yoga Alliance so you can register with them when you finish.

There are now five yoga teacher training choices around the Birmingham area: Melissa Scott’s 200 hour Core Strength Vinyasa training begins again in March. Kim Drye and Becca Impello are offering HereNow Yoga teacher training for the first time this March.  It is an alignment based training and this year is sold out. Birmingham Yoga offers Ashtanga and Kundalini Yoga teacher training. LifeTime Yoga offers a 200 hour and 300 hour training led by Lauren Lippeatt.  Finally, Kiva Yoga offers a hot yoga teacher training.  You can see we have a wide range to choose from in the Birmingham area.

The best thing about yoga teacher training is the close bonds that are created with your fellow trainees.  I have a wonderful group of friends who I most likely would not have met any other way.  That made training worth every minute.


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On the horizon: Looking at the future, being present

I began this post a few weeks ago during the midst of #Quest2016. It was based on the synthesis for the week’s prompts.  But I didn’t get it finished in all the holiday and end of semester flurry.  So, here I am still considering the horizon in the new year.  It seems appropriate and I have different things to say now than I did a few weeks ago.

The prompt

Jeffrey invited us to consider a geographic  horizon as we synthesized our writing for the week.  What do we see when we gaze out? What future is there? I considered going to the lake or river for this exercise.  Water is my favorite horizon for gazing and dreaming.  If I had received the prompt a day earlier I probably would have headed to a a park in Birmingham to complete the writing.  But it was Sunday and I was home, spending the day around the house.  I have a large picture window and smaller windows across the back of my house.  That is where I most often gaze out and think as I write.  I went out onto the porch and sat in my chair, watching the clouds move across the sky.

On that Sunday afternoon the clouds were really amazing.  The photos do not begin to do them justice and the way in which they were moving.  I’m looking for the near future in the horizon, thinking about what is coming.  The questions focused on 2016 and were: What am I making or creating that is making a difference? Who am I relating to, and how, in a different way?

In the second week of 2016 I am thinking a bit differently than I was a few weeks ago.  I am already feeling re-energized at work, something I have not felt for a very long time. I still do not quite know what that means or what it will bring in the coming year.

In December I joined a group called continuous practice.  The idea is to commit to something for 100 days. I committed to writing and am already on day 15.  I write for 20 minutes a day and I am seeing the practice help me formulate ideas and plans. I met Saundra Goldman, who began the group, while I was in Austin last week.    It’s so wonderful to meet other creative women.

Yoga continues though I have changed where I teach.  I have a very nice core group who show up three times a week.  There are many who come and go as well or can only come once in a while.  Everyone is welcome.  It’s a lovely group and I feel fortunate.

I am trying not to overcommit this year.  For a while I considered training for a half ironman again this year but I decided that my main objective right now is health.  At some point this year I will do another race but I am not sure which one or when.  Right now I am concentrating on Iron Tribe and on yoga.  I’m learning the moves at Iron Tribe and slowly increasing the amount of weight I can lift.  Now if I can just learn how to jump rope….

That is my horizon for the moment.

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#nofailure: Perspective is the key

Saturday’s question for #Quest2016 came from Debbie Millman, writer, educator, artist, host of Design Matters.  I was not familiar with Millman’s work so I went and listened to some podcasts during the day.  They were delightful discussions about creativity and taking risks.

This brings me to the prompt, which I pondered most of Saturday:

How would you do business as unusual in 2016 if you knew – no matter what you chose – you would not fail?

I wrestled with the word failure, as did many others in the group.  What is failure? Is failure in my eyes only?  It is really perspective.  Maybe it’s because not failing brings up being perfect and I am not perfect.  I have learned many valuable lessons from failing (or at least failing in the standard, American society definition of failing).  These are what move me forward.  I don’t enjoy failing but it isn’t all bad. Thinking about this brought up several examples for me.

The main  example is from my attempts at 70.3 races – four of them, with four DNF’s (did not finish).  I have had people ask me how I deal with the failure of the DNF and keep going.  I have finished a number of shorter races, for one thing, and for another, I have been disappointed but I don’t consider my DNF’s failures because I have learned from them.  Let me review:

Raleigh – first 70.3 attempt.  I did not complete the swim.  I had cramps in my legs and there is no practice that can prepare you for being constantly kicked in the water.  What I learned:  hydrate better and get in more open water swims before my race.  I was still a relatively new open water swimmer at that time.

Augusta – 2013 – Swim and bike complete, 3 miles into the run was pulled by a volunteer.  What I learned: Don’t fill the Camelbak in transition.  My hydration did not go into the bottle, it went on the ground but I didn’t realize it until I was on the road.  Hydrate (I hadn’t quite gotten it right yet). I met the wonderful Carol Fitzgerald Tyler and her sister Leslie Doll as a result of this DNF.  Carol was the medical person who came for me.  Leslie was racing and I have followed her amazing story of getting cochlear implants and learning to hear.

Barb’s Race – 2014.  Swim, 45 miles of the bike – through the worst part of the bike. I made it up Chalk Hill, which only means something to those who have done it.  What did I learn – I was ready to race but nothing is guaranteed.  Race day was very hot after a few cool days.  The kindness of strangers was reaffirmed.  A kind woman named Louise gave me water, put my bike in her van, and took me to the race site after I sat waiting for a race vehicle to come by.  I also met wonderful people on this trip and found a place that I truly love.

Augusta – 2014.  Swim and bike complete, 9ish miles of the race done.  I pulled myself on this one.  I knew that even though I was close that my ankle was not going to make it.  It was a better decision to take care of myself than risk injury. I had friends cheering for me.  Allison ran with me and helped me get through.   Friends supported me afterwards too.  I knew that I could complete the race, just not on that day.

So, in sum, I have

  • dinner 2014learned to swim in open water
  • improved my nutrition on race days
  • not given up, and
  • met great people who have enriched my life (see photo from some of zany Augusta friends).

An important factor that runs through all of these races and the past five years is my coach Sam. He has never given up on me, even when I want to give up on myself.  He has never told me that I failed or that I was some awful disappointment because I didn’t cross a finish line.  He has supported me when I have been on the podium and when I have been the last person to finish or have not finished at all.

So what does all of this have to do with the prompt?  Maybe nothing.  Maybe what it lead me to when answering Jeffrey’s challenge to synthesize what we had learned from writing and thinking about getting clear over the past week.

As I looked at the three prompts and what I had written I came up with perspective.


That is my portal of possibility – keeping my perspective.  Whether that is the way I define failure or success, what I tell myself or what I envision in the coming year, it’s all perspective.  Staying focused on my goals and dreams is important but things happen that delay or change dreams and goals.  Sometimes those are the very things that lead me to something new and better in my life.  I could still be happily training for long course triathlons (yes, I did think I would do a 140.6 at some point).  Instead I re-discovered yoga, have become a yoga teacher, rediscovered my writing practice that I am still working on, and broadened my community.

So, you are probably wondering if I am ever going to actually address the prompt.  How would I do business as unusual in 2016 if I could do what I chose and not fail?  I would keep taking risks, explore new ideas, try new things.  Kind of what I do now.   

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